Death tears

Song Dynasty Beauty Biography

Keep a low profile in the future, do you understand? Brother Shen, we are people who do great things. We must keep a low profile. Zuo Yi opened his mouth and said that because the distance was so close, Shen Kuo could feel the breath of brother Zuo’s words sprayed on his face. His head was blank, and he felt that there was only a blurred red lip in front of him, which made him want to bite it. Then he was petrified by his strange idea and pushed his left brother away with his hands. Zuo Yi was unprepared, and Shen Kuo, who was usually docile, actually resisted. What’s more, when his two hands pushed him away, they actually pressed on his chest. No matter how thick-skinned Zuo Yi is, he will feel very wrong. Imagine a handsome young man standing in front of you, two hands on your chest, what is the feeling? Shen Kuo also froze, he did not expect the left brother’s body so soft, pushed away his hand, unexpectedly some reluctant to let go, and the meaning of the scratch, is really soft. Chapter 34: Meet Ashmore again. Shen Kuo’s face was burning and his hands were even hotter. Brother Zuo slapped me in the face. So, doesn’t brother Zuo like to be close to people? But why the hand will be burning, there is a feeling of numbness, with a lot of why, he looked at the back of the panic and fled, silly standing, until the back disappeared. Zuo Yifei left the scene of the crime, the hate in her heart,heavy duty cantilever racks, she was only ten years old, although the chest is only a little protruding, but it is also a very strange thing to be touched, not to mention Shen Kuo that fool actually scratched, thought of this, Zuo Yi was mad! Angrily, she just rushed out, but was accidentally hit by someone. Fight, cake seller! Zuo Yi rubbed his forehead. What day is it today? I looked up and saw that I had just been attacked in the chest, and now my head was hitting a man’s chest! This man,metal racking systems, with a smile at the corners of his mouth, did not look painful at all, but hit Zuo Yi’s little head so painful! “It’s you!” Zoey took a step back. The scholar in front of us, wearing a soft head, with a face like a crown jade, two strands of black hair in his ears, long and thin eyes, and the tips of his eyebrows, opened his eyes and looked clear. Isn’t it Comrade Wang Anshi? You know me? Wang Anshi saw the child in front of him, half a head lower than his own, pale, ordinary appearance, and did not know this person in his memory. Zuo Yi stepped back and replied with a guilty conscience, “Mr. Wang, I’m Zuo Yi. I’m a student of the county school. My uncle often praises Mr. Wang in front of the boy. He wants the boy to learn from Mr. Wang. It’s a great honor to see Mr. Wang’s face today.” Comrade Wang Anshi was embarrassed to say so. In fact, he didn’t know he was so famous. Doubtful, he looked at the boy who hit him in front of him. Although this person looks ordinary, his speech and behavior are calm, pallet rack shelving ,automated warehouse systems, and just anxious appearance is different. I always feel familiar. By the way, he said his surname was Zuo. Wang Anshi is rarely attracted to women, but the last time he visited Zuo’s house with his father, the ordinary woman made him remember deeply. The girl who can see at a glance that a graphite covered with gray cloth is a blue and white stone inkstone, the girl who can tell the characteristics of the blue and white stone inkstone in a few words, the daughter of the left family who is widely rumored to have no talent and no appearance is somewhat similar to the boy in front of her. Is your uncle Zuo Tongzhi? Wang Anshi laughed. Exactly. When he said this, Zuo Yi breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he was not recognized, otherwise his ancient school days would be over. I’ve just offended you, and I hope Mr. Wang will forgive me. Zuo Yi looked all right and wanted to flash, after all, standing in front of Wang Anshi, the pear was very big. He is not as easy to fool as Shen Kuo’s silly boy. But Wang Anshi, on the contrary, this elegant young man found for the first time that, in addition to realizing his dream of life, an interesting person appeared in his line of sight. He thought he was kind. Why was this boy afraid of his feelings? Just like Miss Zuo, when she heard his name, she retreated. The man crashed into his arms for no reason. Zuo Yi, right? Your uncle is inside. Let’s go in together. Wang Anshi did not give Zuo Yi a chance to refuse, and naturally took her hand and went in.
It’s over. If Dad sees himself going in hand in hand with a man, he’ll have to be grounded for another three hundred days. Zuo Yi struggled to break free, but the thin Anshi classmate in front of him was very strong. Wang Anshi is just a casual grasp, did not expect that the hands of the small hands were so cold and soft, originally wanted to let go immediately, but the boy broke free, he actually meant to grasp more tightly. In this way, Zuo Yi was dragged back by Wang Anshi. Fortunately, Wang Anshi classmate is still authentic, to the inside, let go of the hand, Rao is like this, Zuo Yi also felt a burst of hot palms. In front of this person, the future is the supreme prime minister, equivalent to the rank of the prime minister of the country. In modern times, if you shake hands with such a person, you have to pay your respects for three days. However, Xiao Wang has been holding her hand generously and politely, which makes her feel flattered. Of course, there are more frightened parts. Seeing that the scene inside was not so restrained at the beginning, as expected, after a few bowls of wine, everyone relaxed a lot. China’s wine table culture has a long history, this will see his father has no unhappy expression, drink wine with a red face, and Shi Qinchai a pair of wine to meet a bosom friend thousand cups less appearance, see a bunch of people jealous to death. If I had known that Shi Qinchai loved to drink so much, I should have come forward to drink at the beginning. Under such a wine table culture, Mr. Lian Yi was filled with several large cups, and his face became ruddy and cordial. Inside, without waiting for Wang Anshi to speak, Zuo Yi retired and flashed away. Wang Anshi shook his head. Was he so terrible? At home, my mother’s discipline is very strict, although there is no contact with any maidservant, but from time to time there are maidservants to chat up, Wang Anshi still knows his own, although the appearance is not the kind of popular female appearance of the handsome, but not scary,shuttle rack system, those maidservants blush from time to time the eyes of the heartbeat, is not false. Why is this child so afraid of himself? I always want to keep a distance from myself. Watching him walk into the ranks of students in the county school, he also walked into his classmates.



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