Death tears

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“Is the spell over?” Yi Chen glanced coldly, unable to see any of his discontent and anger, as if the man she cursed had nothing to do with him. Yes, he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about her at all, so whatever she does or says will be ignored by him. No! I’m in high spirits, and I still have a lot of blessings to say. “Lazy was so angry that he put one hand in his waist, pointed in front of him with the other hand, and dragged his mouth.” What’s the matter? You want to run away? Who will help me put out the fire if you run away. Who do you think you are? What’s the big deal? I’m not as good as you. Don’t think that if you are beautiful and have some money in your pocket, you will think highly of yourself. Bah! I don’t care. There are a lot of girls waiting for me to hang outside. They are charming, tall, handsome, humorous, infatuated and playboy. One more is not more, and one less is not less. Forget it, Lazy threw caution to the wind and decided not to be wronged and fight with him to the end. Suit yourself! I don’t care. Yi Chen shrugged his shoulders and walked around with a calm face, not intending to make trouble with her any more. Ooh. Lazy is dumbfounded. Is he such a husband? His wife was clamoring for an affair, but he said it didn’t matter and it was up to her. With such a generous husband, she really didn’t know whether to be happy or cry. Okay, okay. It doesn’t matter, right? I’ll go to see Bai Yu-nan tomorrow and tell him that I’ve changed my mind. Anyway, he’s infatuated with me. He’s deeply in love with me. He’s not like someone. I’m really blind. Lazy stepped back to stop him again and looked at him tentatively to see what his attitude was. Men are always concerned about saving face and paving a step for him to step down appropriately. She is a very annoying wife. Wait Cold voice in the ear, listen to the little lazy heart happily, see, I know he is reluctant to give up, just there seriously, now afraid that she will go away with others. Just when Xiao Lazy was complacent in her heart, Yi Chen’s next sentence put her into the 18 layers of hell and froze her to never be born. You can go to him now. I really don’t care. You. You Little Lazy desperately stretched his eyes to see clearly whether the man in front of him was really her husband. The upper and lower pink lips opened and closed, but only one word of you could be squeezed out. My God. You’re not really kidding me! At this time, the little lazy heart is really called every day should not,wall penstocks, called the earth and heaven do not work, what is called to cry without tears, is what she is now. MD, she is really full and has nothing to do to learn what others are trying to do. Now, try to try, try to explore, and try to explore herself, so that she is not a person. What kind of shit did she leave? She has such a good husband. If her wife wants to go out to fool around, shouldn’t all husbands be angry and roar for divorce to stay? Why, this one in her family, as if she was eager to go to steal people immediately, urged her to go out to fool around. What to do? Does she really want to lift a rock only to drop it on her own feet, go out to fool around, and find that perverted white man? Don’t. Chapter 129 misunderstanding, running away. Are you serious? Are you sure what you said is true? Well, fine bubble diffuser ,rapid sand filters, Lazy, hold back your anger, give him another chance to see if he will cherish it. If he cherishes it, then she can be a good person and not care about it. If she still doesn’t recognize it, heh heh. Then don’t blame her for turning her back. Yi Chen sighed and asked her helplessly, “Do you think I look like the kind of person who talks and laughs?” Lazy shook his head in a natural reflex and responded shyly, “No, no.” Look at his frozen poker face, inlaid with four golden characters: strangers do not approach. Is it possible to get some nutritious jokes out of his mouth? Impossible! That’s a pipe dream! Hey, hey. Lazy automatically helped him answer the accepted fact in his heart. Yi Chen did not pay attention to a smiling face of the small lazy, one hand open in front of her to attack the study. He had to leave this troubled place as soon as possible, or his suppressed anger would erupt. Damn woman, he wanted to tie her up and throw her on the bed, and then punish her severely. He’s suffocated enough to meet, cuddle and kiss with men outside.
When she got home, she not only cursed him, but also dared to say that she wanted to go out to catch a man and find an old lover to get back together. Well, if she wants to let herself fall like this, then let her, and he doesn’t care. Yi Chen! Lazy in the back of the river east lion roar, plus a slipper in the form of a straight line of flying in his head to a close kiss. Yi Chen looked back and stared at her in pain. Just when she was about to get mad, a woman shamelessly got mad first: “You’re ***ing dead. I’m going to steal people, fool around, go out of the wall, cuckold what style do you want, or give you one of all kinds of styles, so that you can wear it all at once?” Hum, with her angry than ruthless, also do not see who she is, street bully flying girl, where she is, where there are others out to show off ah. Do as you please! Yi Chen abruptly squeezed out these four words from the thin blood between his teeth. This woman is deliberately angry with him. He is really a sin. He married such a wife to make himself cheap. His wife cheated on him. As a husband, she lost her temper and made a little trouble. She, she dared to say that she would continue to go out to fool around and catch cheaters. Good, as a husband’s understanding of her heart, let her go out to mix enough, fishing a full, did not expect also in exchange for flying shoes to kick the head, he is such a wimp? “Good!”! OK! OK! Your uncle, you can do it! I’ll go, I’ll go now, far away, so as not to upset you! Nope. It’s the other way around, so I don’t get upset because I want to throw up when I see you. Small Lazy tone of the heavy shake down the words, shake up the bag, and then shake up the head, and finally throw up the door,Mechanical fine screen, will go to the lover. Hey. A rush of brain came out, and Lazy really didn’t know where to fool around. Please note that the fooling around here is not the fooling around that you extend to. This fooling around is very, very pure. It’s just a pure idea of where to pass the time.



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