Death tears

Apocalypse of divorce

Teacher, at this moment, the eldest son of the Utah family is like an unreasonable child. Reluctantly find the spirit: “Song Xiang, promise you when what has not happened and Su Shenxue and Utah Song Xiang…” “Shut up!” Utah Songxiang clapped her cell phone aside, “Su Shenxue, you shut up, right now, right now.” The next second, he quickly picked up the phone and put it back where it was. Turning sideways, a thin kiss fell on her face, accompanied by a muttering, “Did I make you angry again?” “I always lose my temper in front of you. I know it’s not good.” “It will change, it will change, but you have to give me time.” “Deep Snow, give me some time.” Su Shenxue stared out of the window. The murmur went on in her ear. “Do you know?”? This is the first time the prime minister has skipped work. Do you want to know the reason for skipping work? All to buy flowers for Su Shenxue. An hour and a half ago, I overheard a conversation between two men. One man told the other that his wife had been angry with him recently, which made him feel uncomfortable these days. The other man suggested that he go to the flower shop himself and bring the dewy flowers to his wife. “It’s a coincidence that my wife has been angry with me recently, so the Prime Minister has skipped work for the first time.” “Deep snow, it is possible that more than half of the residents of Goose City know that the Prime Minister skipped work to buy flowers for the Prime Minister’s wife. When I went to the flower shop, there were a lot of people.” After talking for a long time, he seemed to want to bring the flowers? Soon, he found the bouquet that had fallen on the ground. Obviously,medium duty racking, it wasn’t a fall, it was a hard throw to the ground. Pick up the bouquet. A face of chagrin: “It was very beautiful, I swear, there is dew on the petals, but …” Unfortunately, it met the Prime Minister’s wife, who smiled like a silly girl. Utah Songxiang left, leaving Su Shenxue staring blankly at the broken bouquet. Before leaving, Uta Songxiang also said that there are some things that can have a certain effect occasionally, “for example, make a man start to panic and review.” But when it is widely used, teardrop pallet racking ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, it will backfire. “For example, ‘Songxiang, let’s divorce.’” ” The next day, all the people of the Golan knew on television at seven o’clock in the evening that the Prime Minister and the Queen’s plan to make a baby had been put on the agenda. The news came from the Prime Minister himself. The prime minister himself admitted on a live talk show that he would have a good holiday with the Queen after the August election. Maybe he would hear good news soon after the holiday, but he did not rule out that there would be surprises before the holiday. The prime minister also said he hoped their first child would be a lovely girl who looked like the Queen. The news instantly ignited the mood of the people in Golan. In less than half an hour, the Queen’s official website received tens of thousands of blessings, and some mothers taught the Queen about pregnancy experience. People seem to have forgotten the recent press conference at Queen’s Park and the “assassination of the Prime Minister”. Some netizens who used to be active in leaving messages to the Queen reappeared after a period of silence. Young men also teased the Queen with wisecracks, “Girl, why are you going to become a mother all of a sudden?” “To be honest, I can’t accept the fact that it feels exactly the same as when you announced your marriage.” The situation has caused the royal public relations department to smile from ear to ear and strike while the iron is hot, and the royal team is also planning a press release. In the heat of the Jose Palace, Su Shenxue left the Jose Palace for No.1 Jose Road at 8:30. Halfway through, Su Shenxue received a phone call from Jenny Su. On the phone, Jenny Su said that Su Wenhan had been taken away by the tax Bureau early in the morning and said he could come back at noon before he left, but now he still hasn’t come back, and his mobile phone can’t be connected. Su Shenxue asked He Jingjing to call the director of the tax Bureau. During the six-minute call, the head of the tax Bureau told Su Shenxue that Su’s enterprises had been suspected of tax evasion for a long time. Since she became queen, the accumulated amount of tax evasion had reached enough for Su Wenhan to spend the rest of his life in prison. The Queen’s cousins and uncles also used the Queen’s relatives to register several shell companies overseas. In order to achieve a sum of money from unknown sources into legitimate investment income. At the end of the call, a strong sense of fatigue came over me.
Naturally, Su Shenxue knew where the source of these intensive events came from, and the eldest son of the Utah family was unhappy. The hand holding the document bag is not as powerful as it was at the beginning. There are divorce papers in the file bag. In Su Shenxue’s imagination, the document bag should be thrown hard in the face of Utah Songxiang, and the friendship presents such a line: “Bastard, the lovely little girl who looks like a queen is born by yourself.” I don’t know if she has the courage to say that later. Sister, for the first time today, I found that my father was growing old, especially when he left with those people, the handsome Mr. Su became an old man named Su Wenhan. This is what Jenny Su said on the phone. Wooden eyes looking out of the window, followed by a flowing street lamp, when touching the familiar road sign, there is a focus. How long has it been since she saw a young man in Mississippi? Recently, Su Shenxue had such a dream: divorce with Utah Songxiang and let the young man from Mississippi secretly draw a human body portrait for her. She always thought that maybe after painting the human body, Su Shenxue would come back. Su Shenxue, who has always dreamed of tattooing “God is a girl” on the back of her hand, will come back. The author has something to say: Coming ~ Lao Tie All kinds of yesterday’s death July is coming. On the first day of July, after a heavy rain, the sunshine was colorful under the refraction of water vapor. Today is Volunteer Day. Su Shenxue and hundreds of young people who have just completed the volunteer oath watch a magic show together at the Golan Grand Theater. The Nordic Magic Troupe brought the Queen and the young volunteers a performance through time and space. The magician satisfied the clown’s wish and let the clown take the time and space shuttle to the future. Whoosh! When the portal opened,warehouse storage racks, the Joker was gone. The Queen also wants to go to the future. On a whim, she asked her personal secretary, “Can I leave the earth in a time and space shuttle like the entertainer on the stage?” 。



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